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Cody Hall is a singer/songwriter based in Lethbridge Alberta. Cody’s lyrics are thoughtful, and his voice is jam packed with emotion.  Described as “prolific country” the Country/Folk artist has infused his heart and soul into his tracks, showing off his vocal prowess and incredible song writing abilities along the way.   Cody Hall’s lyrics tell relatable and uplifting stories for listeners to lay back and feel at ease while singing along. His soothing and twangy vocals guide us along through his tales, as comforting and uplifting soundscape radiates Country flare.

Cody’s second album, “Peaks and Valleys” features Alberta Sky... a song in the soundtrack to the movie February’s Dog and his song “The Dark” hit the regular rotation on SiriusXM CBC Country and several Alberta stations.  The Dark also reached #1 on the Canadian Independent Country Countdown! His latest release “One of Them Boys”, which made it to #2 on the CICC, is a song that begs to be played on repeat and tells a story of a guy who is just a little different from the rest!  

Cody is set to release new music in 2023 with his next track “Made my day” available on February 10th and late spring “Firecracker” and it’s official music video will be streaming everywhere!


Follow Cody on his socials @codyhallmusic or at!


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